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At Badgers Barn, we understand the importance of British values and practitioners are actively promoting this within the setting, whether this is through activities for the children, policies, staff awareness and the overall ethos of the nursery. The setting provides an environment that teaches the children about tolerance, caring for others as well as respecting and sharing resources, as well as practitioners encouraging self-awareness and self-confidence for the children that are being cared for.


The government have defined British values by categorising them and at Badgers Barn, we ensure that our ethos meets these requirements and understand that this can be promoted through our delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage.



The nursery setting is a democracy and as such practitioners ensure that children are encouraged to participate in decision making, sharing and turn-taking.

Practitioners encourage children to take turns during everyday activities, whether through play or day-day tasks. For example, children take turns in helping with tasks such as picking a story for circle time or helping to give out water bottles at meal times.

The nursery promotes both children initiated and adult-led activities. Child-initiated play gives the children the opportunity to express their own interests and, therefore, we ensure that each room within the setting have toys and equipment at the children’s height and are clearly labelled with both pictures and words. The rooms also have a visual timetable with both pictures and words and the children have the opportunity to choose and plan what activities they would like to do that day. Adult-led activities are planned for a child’s individual learning needs and interests whilst ensuring that any activities are made accessible to all children that may wish to take part. Participation and group activities are encouraged by all members of the team to encourage self-confidence.

During play, children are encouraged to share the resources with their peers and practitioners observe the children and communicate the importance of turn-taking.

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Rule of Law


Practitioners encourage positive behaviour and communicate the importance of being kind and gentle towards the other children.  To promote this, practitioners are always to be seen as a positive role model. They discuss the rules and codes of behaviour with the children to find out their views and understanding and to further communicate why such rules are in place. This may be done on an individual basis or as a group discussion. For example, explaining to children that they should not run in certain areas of the nursery as they may fall and hurt themselves or knock another child over.

It is important that all children understand that the rules and codes of behaviour are for everyone, for example during the tidy up time there is a song that the children and practitioners sing. Each individual child is encouraged to help alongside the practitioners, again ensuring the practitioner is providing a positive role.

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Individual Liberty


At Badgers Barn we provide a secure environment that gives the children an opportunity to develop their enquiring minds, knowing that their opinions, questions and individuality is valued and promoted.

The children’s work is displayed alongside any photos of the children that document their interests, achievements, beliefs or cultures. Practitioners ensure 1:1 time with each individual to talk about their views and feelings, and to ensure they feel safe, secure and happy.

We offer the children the opportunity to assess and take risks by providing various equipment and resources, for example, the outdoor area allows the child to explore rope climbing up hills and slopes whilst practitioners ensure they are available to offer support to any individual when taking risks and/or encouraging them to take part in new experiences.

Storytime and role play encourages self-esteem and promotes an individual’s imagination when they are asked to create their own stories together as a group. The setting continuously develops the role play area and the resources available to ensure children fully benefit.

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Mutual Respect


We understand that inclusion is not just about activities but that a setting should promote British values to both the children and families that access it. The Nursery ensures that we are welcoming to all families and the feelings and opinions of parents and the community listen too. To ensure that parents are given this opportunity, the nursery has a ‘parents forum’ that meet each term to raise concerns, feelings and questions and these are directly addressed by management.

To extend the setting to include the local community, children participate in activities such as looking at photos of places in the local community and discussing the local areas, jobs roles and people we may see. We follow this by inviting people to come into the nursery to talk to the children about their job roles, for example, a police officer made a recent visit explaining to the children about fingerprinting, the rule of law and letting them explore a police van.

We actively celebrate various festivals and special days from different cultures, for example, Chinese New Year; this can include activities and resources for the children to explore. We also recognise each individual child and their personal celebrations and, therefore, we ensure each child receives a handmade birthday card that is based on their interests

Encouraging discussions with the children about their experiences at home and explaining to the children that it is good to listen to each other and to think about differences positively.  We follow on from this by promoting the importance of each individual family and home environment by displaying family photographs of the children.

Throughout the nursery, there are various displays recognising various cultures and diversity. To extend this further, we provide opportunities for children that explore for themselves, some cultural differences such as a tasting session of foods from around the world.

The nursery offers places for children with additional needs on a 1:1 support basis and works alongside other agencies closely to ensure that resources are in place to fully support the individual child.  The nursery also has children that access the setting from a number of cultural backgrounds and of various abilities. All children are encouraged to play together, respect each other and practitioners continue to promote this at all times.  

British Values