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Bumble Bees

Age range 2yrs – 3yrs

Bumble Bees carry out activities such as messy play, circle games, imaginative play which helps to develop expressive arts, design, communication and language skills.

The Bumble Bees share the Toddler Room with The Yellow Ducks Group


Within the Bumble Bees, there is a greater focus on developing independent skills by encouraging areas such as dressing, allowing a child to make their own decisions and promoting  their skills on how to share, play and take turns.


Potty training is an important part of developing independence. Keyworkers and parents work closely together so that the potty training process is positive and beneficial to their child.


The Bumble Bees have access to The Messy Area, where they can delight in exploring sensory materials such as shredded paper and sand.


Communication and language skills are enhanced by ensuring every child has time and opportunity to talk and listen to each other in activities such as rhyme and music time


Keyworkers focus on developing areas such as colours, shapes and counting in ones in preparation for the Pre-School Environment.

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