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Local Offer

We comply with the revised framework (2014) for the early years foundation stage and the equality act 2010


We have regard for the special educational needs and disability code of practise (2014)


We ensure our provision is inclusive to all children with special educational needs.


We support parents and children with special educational needs.


We work in partnership with parents and other agencies in meeting individual children’s needs.


We monitor and review our policy, practise and provision, and if necessary make adjustments where needed.


We have designated special educational needs coordinators (SENCO) who are Cathy Davies and Angelina Wheeler.


Our SENCO will work with all our staff to ensure provision is relevant and appropriate.


The key person will oversee the ILPP targets.


ILPP targets will be reviewed and new ones planned by your child’s key person, SENCO and parents.


We access additional support from other professionals where necessary.


Our SENCO will work with all other staff to ensure implementation of the ILPP and subsequent continuity of care and education by everyone.


Learning journeys are available to view at any time within the nursery.


All documentation is kept in the child’s file.


A delegated inclusion budget for SEND can be applied for CWAC, in the way of the early years access funding (EYAF). This fund helps to pay for an inclusion worker to work with the child with SEND on a 1:1 basis.

How do you meet the individual needs of each child?

How do you promote inclusive practise?

ALL children with SEN will be included in all activities, trips out and they will be accompanied by their inclusion worker (we do have contingency plans to support that child if the inclusion worker happens to be absent)


We have two parents’ evenings to share about your child’s individual needs.


We will draw up individual care plans and risk assessments to cater for the needs of your child.

How do you involve parents?

We have a parent forum, questionnaires to fill out.


We have boomerang books that go out every day.


1:1 support engagement of all the team.


We ensure parents are informed at all stages of assessment, planning, provision, monitoring and review of your child’s progress.


Each parent is given a rate and review form, to enable us to review our practise, and get feedback from the parents on how they think we meet their child’s specific needs.

What support will there be for children with SEND?

On induction to our pre-school, the SENCO/Manager and parents share information about the strengths and needs of the child to create a positive partnership.


Families will be supported for as long as it takes the child to settle. We want children to feel happy and safe with us.


Each child has a key person who works closely with your child and the family and may identify a possible individual need.


We undertake a ‘progress check at age 2’ which supplies parents/carers with a short written summary of their child’s development.


Reports from health care professionals may identity a child’s individual needs and we will include these in your child’s learning and development.


Our behaviour management policy includes an Anti-bulling section that protects all children.


We have a medication policy in which staff will administer medicines when appropriate under instructions of parent/carers and relevant forms to be completed for authorisation.


We have an ICAN document within the rooms, which supports each individual child and meet their targeted interventions which are documented on their personal Action for Inclusion documentation.  

How do you access external specialist support?

Early years specialist support team visit the setting frequently. They offer us support if required and are always available to contact if needed.  

What training have the staff had of plan to have to support children with SEND?

1:1 will have the relevant training required to meet the child’s individual needs, 1:1 have many years working with children expressing a range of different additional needs.

How accessible is the setting?

Disabled access via the door.


Resources are easily accessible by children, who have free choice.


We will explain limitations of the building and would make changes to adapt if possible.


We do have a quiet area, which is our book area where children can go and relax with their inclusion worker and share a story together.


How will the setting prepare and support children to join the setting/move within the setting/transfer to a new school or setting?

We have very close links to local primary schools within the area, and have a transition policy which enables children to settle into primary school life as quickly as they are able.


The SENCO will liaise with the head/reception teacher of the relevant school to ensure a transition between nursery and school.

Who can I contact for further information?

The key person is always available for advice and support in the first instance. There is a list within each room of peoples designated key workers.


Our SENCO is also always available to offer advice.


We can signpost parents to other professionals that may be able to offer more advice such as health visitor, speech and language therapist and children’s centres.


If your child’s needs has been referred to a specific team, we will be able to support parents in accessing their services.

Parent Comments

Felix’s Family

Our son was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in May 2014 aged two years and eight months. He has significant delays in terms of his ability to interact and communicate and he has a sensory processing issue and has a tendency towards obsessive behaviours which can cause him problems. We moved to Cheshire to be nearer to family and our son was ready to start Badgers Barn at the beginning of 2015. Badgers barn have been hugely helpful in supporting both us and our son through the process of starting nursery. Angelina worked with a local autism charity to enable her to employ an autism-experienced 1:1 to support our son. Badgers Barn were also helpful ensuring that we were able to access funding required for our son.  



Max’s Family

Max has attended Badgers Barn nursery for over two years now and he loves it. The nursery has been granted funding to support Max, Max has formed close bonds with his 1-1 Cathy. Cathy has been Max’s 1:1 and takes his development very seriously. She welcomes advice and strategies given to her by the early years support team and the independent assessor from Rosebank school. Although Max is required a designated key worker, Max is always involved with other children and staff so that he is not made to feel ‘different’ and enables him to keep improving his social skills as well as his language and communication. The nursery has not only been a great support for Max, but also to us as his family. We feel that they are just as hopeful for development prior to Max starting school and we find this a great comfort.

We support with special educational needs by providing an environment: in which all children are supported to reach their full potential. We have identified and met the needs of children displaying; Global development delay, sensory disorders, speech and language difficulties and Autism and have experience looking after children with Downs Syndrome and Diabetes. These are some of the SEND needs of our children accessing or have accessed our provision in the past.