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Parent Comments

Felix’s Family

Our son was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in May 2014 aged two years and eight months. He has significant delays in terms of his ability to interact and communicate and he has a sensory processing issue and has a tendency towards obsessive behaviours which can cause him problems. We moved to Cheshire to be nearer to family and our son was ready to start Badgers Barn at the beginning of 2015. Badgers barn have been hugely helpful in supporting both us and our son through the process of starting nursery. Angelina worked with a local autism charity to enable her to employ an autism-experienced 1:1 to support our son. Badgers Barn were also helpful ensuring that we were able to access funding required for our son.  



Max’s Family

Max has attended Badgers Barn nursery for over two years now and he loves it. The nursery has been granted funding to support Max, Max has formed close bonds with his 1-1 Cathy. Cathy has been Max’s 1:1 and takes his development very seriously. She welcomes advice and strategies given to her by the early years support team and the independent assessor from Rosebank school. Although Max is required a designated key worker, Max is always involved with other children and staff so that he is not made to feel ‘different’ and enables him to keep improving his social skills as well as his language and communication. The nursery has not only been a great support for Max, but also to us as his family. We feel that they are just as hopeful for development prior to Max starting school and we find this a great comfort.

At Badgers Barn, we support special eduucational needs by providing an environment in which all children are supported in order to read their full potential. We support parents and children, our SENCO works with other professionals and we monitor and review our policy, practise and provision, making adjustments where necessary.


All children with SEN will be included in all activities, trips out (we draw up individual care plans and risk assessments for the needs of the child) and have  daily boomerang book, outlining the childrens activities, food they have eaten as well as their sleep time.


On induction, the SENCO and parents share information about the strengths and needs of the child to create a positive partnership. Families will be supported for as long as it takes the child to settle. We want children to feel happy and safe with us. The 1:1 worker will have the relevant training required to meet the child's individual needs.


When preparing for children to move onto school, the SENCO will liaise with the Reception Teacher of the relevant school to ensure a transition between nursery and school.